THE STARS is an interactive poetry piece created in TWINE by first-time developer Alexis Cochrane. 

"THE STARS is definitely a beautiful interactive poetry piece with thought-provoking prose that really makes you think twice."

"THE STARS is a beautifully done, emotion provoking game." 

"The game aesthetics [of THE STARS] feel almost as if you’re consumed by the thoughts of the author."

"THE STARS is a lovely exploration of how language and story can be explored through the medium of a game."

"This is perhaps one of the most thought provoking games I’ve played thus far."

TRIGGER WARNING: Depending on your selected outcome, this piece could allude to suicidal thoughts, depression or substance abuse. If you are struggling with any of the above, please phone a friend or your local suicide hotline and get the help you need. Remember, someone loves you. 

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